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With the development of network technology, Our Invar36 has been established since 2005,Fly around the world, Shanghai Lanzhu is also the  first super alloy material export company in china.

In 2007,We served the first customer form America, Export AMS navigation mark Invar36 frogings,specificationФ308*1050.

Invar 36 is in a certain temperature range,High performance alloy with linear expansion coefficient close to zero,at temperature up to 400°F(204°C),Its thermal expansion rate is about one-tenth that of carbon steel.
  Invar™36(also known as Nilo, Nilvar, Permalloy D, FeNi36, and 64FeNi) is an nickel-iron alloy. Primary uses for Invar include laser and cryogenic components, tooling, dies, and any other application requiring high dimensional stability.Generally,Invar36 from shanghai Lanzhu can be supplied in various shapes, such as forgings, precision castings, thin strips,3D metal printing powder and various small parts, Lanzhu’s ultra-high purity and high purity Invar36 products, as the main supplier of the domestic optical and electronic industries, It provides a solid industrial foundation for the localization of key materials. Multi-form supply methods provide convenient test conditions for high-end manufacturing.

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