Invar™36 thin tape

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  Alloy 36 is a special low-expansion iron-nickel alloy with ultra-low expansion coefficient. Among them, the control of carbon and manganese components is very important. Cold deformation can reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion, and heat treatment in a specific temperature range can stabilize the coefficient of thermal expansion.

  It has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion between -250°C and +200°C.

  Has good plasticity and toughness.

  In addition to round plates, rings, round rods and bars, Invar™36 forgings or thin strips can also be provided as required. Supply status of Invar™36 strips: cold rolled annealing, or solid solution treatment, pickling or bright annealing; supply status: bright drawn, bright annealing, coil supply, drum or axial winding or winding packaging.


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